Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's NFL career may be on hold for now, but his religious faith is as strong as ever.

Tebow was a passenger Sunday on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Phoenix, when an older man on board went unconscious. Delta employees and fellow passengers immediately began their efforts -- both in the form of medical treatments and prayers -- to help revive the ailing man, who had lost his pulse.

Soon enough, Tebow made his way to the front of the plane to pray with the man's family and other nearby flyers. Tebow -- the man arguably as famous for his faith as his Heisman Trophy and two NCAA championships -- had the magic touch again, as the man reportedly regained his pulse when arriving in Arizona. These two social media posts by fellow passengers on the flight say it all:

Heartwarming stuff from the quarterback, who has long been known for his kindness and Christian beliefs. Although Delta itself hasn't issued any official press release mentioning his work, the photographic evidence should speak for itself.

In addition to saving fellow flight passengers, Tebow has a lot on his slate, even though he hasn't played in an NFL regular season since 2012. According to AJC.com, he is set to appear on a Fox reality show called "Home Free" this fall, while he is also expected to return to his role as a college football analyst for the SEC Network.

Regarding a return to playing, Tebow said in a June interview with Larry King: "I talk to a lot of my friends who are in the league and playing and all that. I don't know [if I'll come back], we'll see what doors open. Maybe."

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