If you got the sense that Kirk Gibson was running away from his Dodgers teammates after his iconic home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, you're right.

"We're all at home plate," Orel Hershiser recalls. "We're all patting him on the back, and we're all going crazy."

But Gibson, who could barely walk because of a strained left hamstring and a sprained right knee, was yelling for them to back off as Hershiser remembers it:  "You guys are killing me! Stop putting weight on my legs!"

Gibson's attempt to escape the celebration ends when manager Tommy Lasorda catches him in a bearhug.

"But the bearhug takes the weight off his legs, so he doesn't mind," Hershiser says.

Check out the video above from Hershier's conversation with Thuzio in which he also describes the way he bounded out of the dugout after Gibson connected against Dennis Eckersley.

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