During Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, which is known for Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run off Dennis Eckersley in the bottom of the ninth, Orel Hershiser had a special way to prepare for his start in Game 2. When the Dodgers were on offense, Hershiser watched the game from the dugout. When the A's were batting, Hershiser went to the video room in Dodger Stadium so he could scout Oakland's hitters from the angle of the centerfield camera.

The equipment in the video room had been, shall we say, somewhat primitive even for that era until Hershiser took it upon himself to push the Dodgers to upgrade.

"I actually had to ask Fred Claire, our general manager at the time, 'Can I get some money to get a couple of 24-inch screens with a couple of VCRs on the top?'" Hershiser said during a Thuzio event in Los Angeles. "And can we get a satellite dish at the top of Dodger Stadium? I did the research myself. And can we now start getting broadcasts from opposing teams? And if the game on Wednesday is on in Pittsburgh, and I'm going to play the Pirates on the next road trip, can we tape that game, sir? And can we get it down here so I can watch that film?

"And this was, like, cutting edge."

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