The war between video games and parents goes back multiple decades. Video games supposedly keep kids stagnant inside as opposed to be active outside. Well, one particular successful athlete offers a defense of video games: Landon Donovan.

The U.S. legend was asked about Backyard Soccer and he proceeded to use that game, along with Goal! and FIFA Soccer, to explain how video games affected his career.

"I think playing video games actually helped me as a soccer player," he said. "I'm sure no parent out there wants to hear this, but I think that the hand-eye coordination, the ability to understand the game at a higher level by watching was really important and then the biggest thing was just learning player names, team names, all of that stuff around the world, so it gave me an education in soccer that I couldn't have gotten elsewhere."

Donovan spoke to ThePostGame while appearing an event on behalf of Captain Morgan.

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