LaDainian Tomlinson was San Diego Football for roughly a decade. He was an NFL MVP, set basically every franchise rushing record and brought the Chargers all the way to the AFC Championship game. During the past few years, Tomlinson actively advocated to keep the team in San Diego.

"I feel for the fans," Tomlinson told ThePostGame in February, a few weeks after the Chargers announced their move to Los Angeles. "I had a great connection with those fans in San Diego when I played there and I know what they're going through, how hurt they are; 55 years in San Diego was a long time, so it takes time to get over a team leaving a city."

About a month later, Tomlinson joined the Los Angeles Chargers' front office as a special assistant to owner Dean Spanos. Fast-forward to this Sunday and the Chargers will play the Dolphins in the franchise's first home game in StubHub Center, their home for the next three seasons. LT, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer, will be honored at the game, and he will get his Hall of Fame ring.

"It's nice, where they're setting up shop right now," Tomlinson says. "I think the players really like it. The owner obviously, Dean Spanos, I think he's done a great job in that transition of making sure the players are comfortable. I think it's going well so far.

LaDainian Tomlinson

"You have time to kind of come to grips with the transition and knowing that it's gonna happen. Listen, I was a part of this whole process from trying to get that stadium in San Diego to the vote not passing to knowing that OK, this is gonna happen for real. There's gonna be a move. The Chargers are gonna go to LA. Like anything else, it takes time to come to grips with it, but once I did, I was on to knowing they're gonna be the LA Chargers, what can I do to help and make sure the players are comfortable."

Tomlinson has lived in Los Angeles for the past five years while working as an NFL Network analyst, a role that he will continue working.

Considering they were the closest team to Los Angeles for the past two decades until the Rams' return from St. Louis a season ago, the Chargers are not necessarily foreign to the fans. But Tomlinson can still do his part working with Spano to build a stronger connection.

"I think just having the community understand what the organization stands for," he says of his role with the franchise. "This is an organization that loves the community that really dives into charity work in the community and our players get behind that. Players really want to go out and support the community. Once I think the fans understand who the players are, they get to know them on a personal level, then it's easier for the community to support the players because they know them, they know what these guys stand for. That's part of my job, also creating unique experiences for our fans to engage with our players. The last thing is bringing on the right sponsors in LA to support the organization."

Tomlinson spoke to the ThePostGame on Wednesday in New York City on behalf of FedEx. Tomlinson is a spokesperson for the FedEx Air & Ground NFL program. Each week, fans can vote on the best quarterback and running back of the week at FedEx makes a $2,000 donation to the USO in each recipient's name each week of the regular season ($4,000 per week).

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