Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles are experiencing new terrain this season. Despite 11 Pro Bowls between them, both running backs are backups -- Peterson, 32, with the Saints, and Charles, 30, with the Chiefs.

LaDainian Tomlinson was in those shoes once upon a time. A five-time Pro Bowler with the Chargers, LT played his final two seasons with the Jets, backing up Shonn Greene in his last year, 2011.

"Sometimes, as running backs, we have a false sense of reality of how we used to be and who we are now, at the point they are in their career," Tomlinson says. "What they used to be is a dynamic running back who could handle 20, 25 carries. The reality is they're not at that point anymore, where they are gonna get 20 or 25 carries, so having the mindset to come to grips with you know what, I'm gonna be rotating in and out. I'm a running back by committee sort-of-guy now and once they get past that reality, it makes it easier to understand this is my role and I'm gonna be the best at this role."

Tomlinson says his transition was made easier by the presence of Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator in New York. Schottenheimer had previously been the quarterbacks coach in San Diego while his father, Marty, was Tomlinson's head coach.

Tomlinson spoke to the ThePostGame in September in New York City on behalf of FedEx. Tomlinson is a spokesperson for the FedEx Air & Ground NFL program. Each week, fans can vote on the best quarterback and running back of the week at FedEx makes a $2,000 donation to the USO in each recipient's name each week of the regular season ($4,000 per week).

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