Deontay Anderson

Deontay Anderson is, by all accounts, a great football player and a fine college prospect. But on National Signing Day, we know him first and foremost for one thing: His decision to verbally commit while skydiving.

Video of the jump was captured by Bleacher Report, which has made a habit out of convincing recruits to pull elaborate stunts while making their announcements. While it feels a bit exploitative and antithetical to the spirit of college athletics, few will argue that it's a creative, interesting idea.

Anderson leaps out of the plane and free-falls amid numerous aerial targets representing different schools. He falls through three targets, which signify his top three school choices.

Then he reveals his decision.

For what it's worth, Anderson appears to have a great time producing the piece. It's worth wondering, though, how much Ole Miss and other schools like seeing their student-athletes do such over-the-top stunts -- it doesn't exactly instill a sense of humility, and it creates expectations of celebrity and special treatment that might not come to fruition at school.

Anderson is the No. 2 safety prospect in the nation, according to 247 Sports. Here's a look at his highlight reel:

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