Ric Flair Tom Brady

Jim Harbaugh decided to throw a party at Michigan for National Signing Day, and he had an all-star lineup of guests, including Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and Desmond Howard.

Of course, Ric Flair stole the show:

Flair told the Michigan gathering that he was ready to join the Wolverines back in 1968 after a wild recruiting weekend.

"I made up my mind I was never leaving Ann Arbor," Flair said. "Woooooooo! In this town, you can stay all night and you can stay a little longer, so here I am, all these years later."

(Flair ended up at Minnesota, his parents' alma mater, after his high school dean didn't provide the necessary paperwork for him to attend Michigan.)

When Harbaugh was coaching San Francisco, Flair gave the 49ers a surprise motivational talk before a playoff game against the Panthers in January 2014.

Here's the 16-time world wrestling champion connecting with the four-time Super Bowl winner:

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