Luke Kuechly was busy celebrating his pick-six Sunday in the NFC Championship Game, high-fiving with Panthers fans in the end zone, when he saw a fan tumble over the side wall and onto the field.

The Carolina linebacker did the decent thing: He stopped high-fiving and celebrating with fans and took time to help the fallen fan back up.

If you ask Kuechly about it, though, he's quick to shrug it off.

"You probably would have (stopped to help) too," he told a reporter when questioned about it this week.

The reporter replied that not every player would made an effort to help.

"Well, I don't know," Kuechly said. "He looked like he wasn't doing so good, so I had to make sure he was doing all right. … He got up and he kind of smiled, and once he smiled, I figured he was all right."

Kuechly has a reputation as a good guy in the league, but it's still impressive that he could be aware and lend a hand when the rest of the stadium was cheering his great play.

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