Fred Funk has won eight PGA Tour events and nine PGA Tour Champions tournaments, including three majors. He made a U.S. Ryder Cup roster and peaked at No. 22 in the world rankings.

But before all that, Funk was cut by the University of Maryland golf team.

In Funk's Michael Jordan moment, the 61-year-old was cut as a freshman in College Park in 1975. Funk finished 13th with 12 players making the roster.

"I actually had one really bad hole, the second hole actually on the University of Maryland Golf Course, which is where I grew up," Funk recalls. "I know the golf course like the back of the hand, but the second hole is a 240-yard par 3 and I pulled it over into this dry creek and I end up making an 11 or something on it because I couldn't get out of the creek. Once I committed to being in the creek, I was stuck in the creek. It was all rocks. Anyway, I made 11 and it messed me up."

Funk ended up transferring to Prince George's Community College in Largo, Maryland, before returning to College Park, making the Terrapins' varsity team in his second try. He then served as head golf coach at Maryland from 1982-1988 before earning a spot on the PGA Tour in 1989.

The roundabout career started as a college freshman, but eventually, it all worked out for Funk.

Funk spoke to ThePostGame on behalf of Stryker, which features Funk and Jerome Bettis in its new online series: "Road Trip to a Healthier Lifestyle." Funk and Bettis traveled to Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth and New York City for three different episodes.

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