It is impossible to miss. In bold red letters on Rocco Mediate's on-course attire: "TRUMP."

The 54-year-old golfer says this is not a paid sponsorship, but rather a deal as part of his friendship with President Donald Trump.

Mediate explains:

"I don't have to. I choose to. I met President Trump in '08. I asked him, I said why don't I wear the Trump name on my shirt because I get to hang out at his golf course. I'm not a member at any of them. But if I want to go play them, I can go play them and hang around. I can go to the hotels and stay there. He doesn't per say give me anything to do this. I did it just as a favor. He doesn't need anybody to do that, but I felt like I give something back because I can go to anywhere I want, at his golf courses and practice and play and hang out with the members and everything else, but never a member or a membership, it's just, I can go hang."

While Mediate was in route to winning the 2016 Senior PGA Championship, Trump called the golfer to wish him luck. John Daly and Fred Funk are also among golfers who wear the Trump name on the course.

Mediate spoke to ThePostGame at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers on behalf of Osteo Bi-Flex, one of his (paid) sponsors. In his older age, Mediate says he has taken to Pilates and using a VersaClimber. About a year ago, Mediate starting "testing" Osteo Bi-Flex, a joint health supplement. He now uses the product regularly and says his movement feels "smoother." He also wears the brand's name on his hat.

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