On Friday night, high school senior Dushawn Brown scored a pretty touchdown for his Horizon Huskies team in Scottsdale, Ariz. That's not too out of the ordinary, as Dushawn's a good player. But what went on at the same time Brown made the play was quite abnormal -- even paranormal.

A fan at the game caught three lights hovering and shifting in the dark sky over the desert:

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Even the coaches were talking about the show in the sky after the game:

"I did see it during the game," Horizon head coach Steve Casey told Maxpreps.com. "I said to one of my assistant coaches that the aliens came to watch us play."

Those at the game weren't the only ones who noticed. Other videos have popped up to corroborate the through-the-uprights evidence.

Shockingly, there are a number of theories floating around, from skydivers to lens flares. One commenter pointed out that it was clearly a skydiving team with tracer sparks attached, and they are often mistaken for UFOs. Some even dismiss the lights as standard backyard Chinese lanterns.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Dushawn's dad, Davie Brown, said he didn't even know about the UFO sighting. Like Dushawn himself, he must have been focused on the game.

Here's the touchdown the UFO's witnessed:

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