Athletic dog competitions are usually pretty cut and dry. A dog jumps across a pool to catch a Frisbee, while another runs an obstacle course, while another herds sheep. (Though, this is mostly speculation based on glimpses of The Outdoor Games on ESPN and snippets from the motion picture "Babe.")

Still, the fact remains that maybe the required skills to win the competitions are lacking an extra dimension. As this Corgi below displays, it might be time for other dogs to step their game up and carry an object while also fetching.

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Look, we'll grant that the Corgi isn't necessarily multi-talented for the sake of difficulty. Rather, it's just a little attached to its blanket, and therefore has no choice but to include it in all fetching activities. But who can't relate to that? We all had trouble letting go of our inanimate treasured childhood sidekicks, but we finally kicked that habit. (Some of us later than others.)

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