Bernie Sanders

If you take Donald Trump's word for it, the golf community should fear a future in which Bernie Sanders is president.

And why? Trump thinks Sanders' leadership would spell the end of golf.

Sanders doesn't have anything against the sport itself, but Trump's argument is that Bernie would raise taxes so high that most people wouldn't have the time or money to put toward a leisurely afternoon on the golf course.

Trump made the comments during a campaign stop at Hilton Head Island, home to many PGA and otherwise famous golf courses.

"This guy wants to tax you -- think of it -- this guy wants to raise your taxes to 90 percent," Trump tells the crowd. "No, no, think. You'll have to move out -- I love this area by the way, I've been here many times. Great golfing area, right? We love it.

"No more golf -- no more golf. You won't have any golf any more. You won't have any money left to be golfing."

Interesting point, Trump, but question: Would a guy intending to destroy the sport of golf print his name all over these campaign golf balls?

Bernie Sanders

Those pictures are courtesy of Cafe Press.

Or maybe that's Bernie's plan -- lull the golf community to sleep, win the election and then smite their sport. But that doesn't seem like his style. It does, however, seem like something Donald Trump would try.

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