Stephen Curry

Do you want to see Stephen Curry' high school golf team photo? Yes, you do. Thanks, Darren Rovell.

Curry played three years of high school golf at Charlotte Christian, and to this day is a near-scratch golfer. Last February, Dell Curry told ThePostGame Stephen could play golf professionally if he "got a golf coach and practiced and put in the time like he does in basketball."

During the summer, ThePostGame caught up with Stephen on the links for some golf tips. It turns out most of the reigning MVP's offseason regiment consists of playing golf. In a round with President Barack Obama in Martha's Vineyard, Curry shot a 76.

Despite the popped collar in this photo and his raw skill, Curry opted to pursue basketball instead of golf. The scary part: As amazing as Curry's NBA career has been -- he is arguably the best player in the world right now -- golf may have been a compatible option.

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