Jay Gruden and DeSean Jackson

Jay Gruden is a lackluster 7-17 in a season-and-a-half as an NFL head coach. But he and his players have mutual respect for each other.

This is shown by DeSean Jackson. During Redskins practice Thursday, Jackson pinched Gruden's nipple.

The Redskins are 1.5 games behind the division-leading Giants, battling a name controversy and making sure their quarterback stays sane. Despite these distractions, they are relaxed enough to give each other purple nurples.

Jackson is in his eighth NFL season and has three Pro Bowl appearances, so he is a respected veteran. In the video, Gruden appears annoyed, but not angry. After all, Jackson returned last Sunday after missing six games with a hamstring injury. When the team's star wide receiver is healthy, he can do whatever he wants.

This gives new meaning to the penalty, "illegal use of the hands."

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