Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch's impact in Dallas extended well beyond his Seahawks' victory over the Cowboys. After the game, Lynch went over to a local McDonald's to order food.

He wound up talking to a 17-year-old boy who was mopping the floors in the restaurant.

"I told him I liked his shoes -- navy blue Buscemis -- and how I wanted to buy a pair and we all started talking," says Terrance Downs to TMZ Sports.

Lynch asked him what his plans were for school and a career. Downs told him he's interested in fashion and hopes to own a fashion boutique some day. That's when Lynch pulled out a surprise -- $500, to put toward a pair of his own high-fashion shoes.

"My job is to continue to see you grow," Lynch told Downs.

McDonald's confirmed the story, saying that Lynch "left a huge positive impact" on Downs. Downs agrees: He told TMZ he hopes he can grow up and do the same thing for another young person.

Lynch may not be much for talking, but he certainly has no problem letting his actions speak for themselves.

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