Rams Tickets

What do you do when someone sends you $25,000 in tickets to an NFL game? You probably don't have an answer, because that kind of thing never happens.

Except that's exactly what happened to a St. Louis Rams fan. One day, USPS delivered an unexpected package to his door. Inside were stacks of tickets to an upcoming game against the Detroit Lions.

Such a finding was too extraordinary not to share with the Internet. The fan posted a picture to Imgur and shared it on Reddit.

In the Reddit post, the ticket recipient's explained what happened:

"Rams season ticket holder here. I have 3 tickets in the top bowl for the St Louis Rams. As I checked my mail today I noticed a large priority mail envelope addressed to me from the Rams front office," the user, BardSTL, writes. "When I opened it there were about $25,000 in tickets to one game later this season. A few hundred of them. Good seats.

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"There was no letter of explanation or receipt, only my name on the address line and my account number on the ticket... really weird right?"

In a comment farther down below in the post, the user says he contacted the team, and the Rams requested him to ship the tickets back to them. No explanation for the ticket shipment was given, and the user said he was "more than happy" to return them, since they weren't his to begin with.

A bizarre sequence of events, and one that will remain a mystery until the Rams explain the mishap -- but don't count on that happening.

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