Steve Smith

Steve Smith Sr. has been around a long time. The 36-year-old wide receiver was drafted in 2001, so he's seen his fair share of performances from referees.

After Smith's Ravens lost 26-18 to the Cardinals on Monday night, he had some grievances to air with the officiating crew. But he took a creative approach, giving the referees a Yelp review.

Yelp debuted in October 2004. By then, Smith had already made a Super Bowl with the Panthers. But the old man isn't shy when it comes to new technology.

And Smith's complaints seem to be on point. A quick review shows that the Ravens were wrongly punished for an illegal formation penalty on Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel.

Urschel comes in on this play and checks in as an illegible receiver. We know this because he literally turns to the referee and flashes his jersey number, the process for becoming an eligible receiver. He makes eye contact with the official and does not enter the huddle before making the symbol.

Then the Ravens set up a brilliant screen for Urschel.

But it got called back, and John Harbaugh went ballistic.

"John [Urschel] did everything he's supposed to do in this situation, just as he's coached," Harbaugh said. "Joe [Flacco] looked at it, he saw it, I saw it. Then there was an announcement; you couldn't hear what the announcement was because you never can."

Even former NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira was beside himself.

Harbaugh was also angry this Chris Johnson 62-yard run was not halted when the running back's forward momentum was clearly stopped:

So yeah, sounds about right for a two-star performance. Not a great look for the officiating crew -- even Applebee's is laughing.

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