Cam Newton, Anderson Cooper

Sports are not everyone's thing. We get it. Anderson Cooper, Lara Logan and Michael Steele are three of the most respected news and political minds in the world at the moment, and in an election year, sports are not their priority.

But this is unacceptable. When given the clue, "The Carolina Panther who was the first NFL rookie to pass for over 4,000 yards," all three contestants drew a blank.

This begs the obvious question: Should they know who Cam Newton is? Newton was last season's NFL MVP, and his name was shoved down America's collective throat nearly every Sunday. It wasn't just for his football prowess, either: His dabbing and touchdown dances made him a controversial cultural figure.

He also drew national attention for his surly behavior at a Super Bowl postgame press conference, with critics accusing him of being a poor sport.

After a smug Alex Trebek reveals the obvious answer, Anderson Cooper says, "Of course." But it was too late -- Cooper and the others missed a gimme.

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