Victoria Azarenka

Thousands of miles from Sports Authority Field at Mile High, a Belarusian woman won a tennis match … and went ballistic after learning of the Denver Broncos' win.

The Australian Open crowd has no idea how to react to Victoria Azarenka celebrating the Broncos' AFC Championship Game win over the Patriots. The crowd stays silent. Azarenka even has a Freudian slip and calls herself a "crazy ten" and no one reacts. American culture apparently is not big Down Under.

The internet has been trying to figure out the root of Azarenka's Broncos fandom all morning, but no breakthroughs have been made. Denver, meanwhile, isn't complaining.

Azarenka, who has been dabbing after victories, was also told the Panthers were about to close out their win over the Cardinals. Azarenka calls the Broncos-Panthers matchup her "dream final."

According to The Comeback, Azarenka interrupted her own on-court interview to ask if the Broncos won. Informed that they beat the Patriots 20-18, she raised her arms and shouted "Yes! I'm so happy now!"

"I turned on TV while I was having breakfast, and I just couldn't look over there because I'm a huge sports fan, so when I'm a fan of somebody, I'm a die-hard," she said, according to The Comeback. "I'll get nervous. I get emotional. I understand like all that because it's something that when I play, I'm in control. I'm in control of my body, of my emotions. That's all on me.

"When it's somebody else doing it and I have absolutely no control, I go loco. I will scream. I will scream on TV. It's good I didn't watch it because it was a close game. I would probably break the TV or something."

Azarenka also said she didn't want to know the result of the game before her own match, to keep the outcome from affecting her own game.

As for Super Bowl 50, Azarenka isn't picking sides. In the war between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, she's happy either way.

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