Anyone who has seen Star Wars knows that lightsaber fights can get pretty tiring.

They require both a solid understanding of how to use the sword and a high level of physical fitness. Luckily for San Francisco residents, they can obtain both of these things at a new lightsaber class offered in the city's South of Market district.

The class, taught by software engineer and lifelong Star Wars fan Alain Bloch, combines lightsaber choreography with some serious exercise. The class even begins with stretching and calisthenics so students don't injure themselves in the midst of a fight.

"I'm fat and nerdy and I need this," Frank Knight, a lightsaber student, told Wired.

People who first hear about the class might brush it off as a joke, but the students aren't messing around. The lightsabers, which have LEDs and handles made of aircraft-grade aluminum, can cost thousands of dollars.

"At first they giggle because they think it's a little silly," Julio Reyes, a student, said of the doubters. "Then they're like, actually that's kind of cool. Then they start asking more questions.'"

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