This tyke might be super cute, but he won't tolerate any nonsense in his yoga class.

His name is Lincoln James, the 2-year-old son of My Yoga founders Jason Jacobson and Michelle Trantina, and the star of this new video.

The clip is highly produced, so naturally there are questions of how much coaching or prompting young Lincoln might have needed to deliver his lines. (It is filed in the comedy category on YouTube.) But even if this was 100 percent scripted, the adorable factor is off the charts and bound to brighten your day -- and isn't that what yoga should do for you anyway?

For what it's worth, the My Yoga Online website says Lincoln has legit yoga teaching qualifications:

Lincoln began practicing yoga at the age of 6 months PB (Pre-Birth). His first poses in the womb were Warrior 1 and Shoulder Stand. Needless to say, it was not too comfortable for his mother Michelle. A year after his birth, Lincoln completed his 200-hour teacher training and is now sharing the Buddha's teachings with his students.