It happens to the best of us. After all those hours at the gym, you're finally in great shape to meet that special someone. Then, you finally meet him or her. You wow the person with your six-pack, and three months later, you're both cuddling long past your morning CrossFit class, perfecting your lasagna recipe and bringing home cupcakes from that trendy local bakery to make her smile.

But all is not lost. Celebrity fitness expert and founder of JCORE, Jay Cardiello, who has worked with athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB, has the moves to banish that happy fat. And guess what? You can do them with your new sweetheart. A little healthy competition and a lot of sweating is sure to keep things interesting, long past the sweatpant-clad and "Breaking Bad" marathons.

Here are ten of his favorite couple workouts:

1. Partner Ups: This is a great push-up modification. One buddy lays on their back (legs bent and elbows bent and resting on their chest). Next, the other buddy gets into a military push-up position and rests their body directly over the other buddy (in a reverse manner). Now, as one buddy lowers their body, the other buddy will attempt to press their partners body off their own. It is great for the infamous "angel wings" and allows each partner to develop core, and upper body strength in a safe and supportive manner.

2. Elbow Grease: Each buddy gets in a standard push-up position (facing each other). Then, each buddy will reach out and tap their partners elbow (they will alternate between the right and left hands until they reach a desired number). This move is great for overall core and lower lumbar development to help avoid back pain from sitting all day behind a computer.

3. Shoulder Support: (same as above, but, this time, you reach out to your buddy's shoulder). Each buddy gets in a standard spush-up position (facing each other). Then, each buddy will reach out and tap their partners shoulder (alternate between the right and left hands until they reach a desired number). This is another great one to help avoid back pain from sitting all day behind a computer.

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4. High 5: (Great for both men and women to develop confidence and great upper body and core strength). This can be performed in a standard push-up position, or a more novice push-up position with your knees bent for support. Both buddies will face each other and lower their bodies down to the floor and they extend the push-up (away from the floor) each partner will reach out (opposite hands) and give their buddy a "High 5.”

5. Squat This: Each buddy face one another-and extends their arms out and take of the wrists. Then, simultaneously perform a squat.

6. Bob and Weave: Both buddy's face each other in a squat position. One buddy will (slow or fast) perform roundhouse swings at the shoulder level of the buddy-who will have to duck and weave under their buddy's moving arms.

7. Monkey See, Monkey Do: This is definitely an advanced move. One buddy will start off in a "piggy back" position, while the other buddy stands in a low squat position. The buddy in the piggy back position will climb their way without the use of their feet touching the ground-around the standing buddy and end up back where they started.

"This move is sure to bring out the Tarzan in all of us," says Cardiello. "A great move to work up, or aspire to!"

8. Power Punches: Face your buddy with your right foot forward and left foot in the back in a strong stance. Your buddy will be in the same stance facing you-keep about 1.5 to 2 feet away from each other (chest). Then, interlock hands. One buddy will press their left hand forward, while the other buddy resists it. Then, the other buddy will become the presser-while the presses become the resister.

9. Rescue Me: Both buddies face each other with their legs spread wide open. Then, one buddy will hold a beach towel at full taught (at the end of one end of the beach towel). The other buddy will lay on their back (holding the other end of the towel). The seated upright buddy will then begin to hand-over-hand pull their buddy off the ground until they reach their buddy's hands.

10. Drumline: Both buddies face each other. One buddy holds their arms our fully extended with the end of a towel (fully taut) in each of their hands. The other buddy will stay in a standing position and "karate chop" (in small chopping motions) back and forth over the towel.

“This is a real treat to develop shoulder stability and have your buddy waiting for pay-back," Cardiello warns.

We can assure this workout will burn plenty of calories while ensuring you’re spending quality time with your significant other. But, we can't promise you'll be able to handle all of the extra attention he or she gets at the bar after you’ve both knocked out a few of these workouts.

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