Perhaps your main excuse for not running a 5K is a lack of motivation.

It's too early in the day, you say. Or too monotonous. You hate mindless running. You need a varied workout that takes your mind off the burn. Your friends agree -- the standard distance race is a drag.

If this is the case, there's good (yet potentially terrifying) news: zombies are coming (and not just for Halloween), and you better outrun them.

Run For Your Lives 2011 from Alexander Turoff on Vimeo.

Run For Your Lives is a new kind of 5K, one that will surely keep your mind occupied while it avoids being occupied for a zombie meal. Runners in the 5K face 12 obstacles and a host of "zombies" hellbent on snagging one of two flag football-style flags hanging from each runner's waist. And as if that weren't enough, the course will morph as you move along, giving you options for multiple routes. The result?

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Your 5K could turn into a 10K. Cross the finish line with at least one flag remaining and count yourself among the living/non-infected, and also find yourself eligible for post-race prizes. Finish dead-on-arrival, and enjoy a post-race party without the benefit of prize eligibility.

Could be worse, right? Well, actually, you're dead and you get no prize. But it's probably safe to say you'll never look at a 5K the same way ever again.

As the organizers of the traveling race say, the virus is spreading. Check out their site to see when it's coming to your town.

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