1. Violation

This incredibly expensive Benz being ticketed in Alabama is none other than Nick Saban's. If you think he's paying it, I've got some waterfront property in Idaho I'd like to sell you. Actually, if the Tide lose to LSU, he probably will have to pay it.

2. Lockout Answer

Whenever there's an Allen Iverson sighting on my news feed, it gets a mention. The Answer is allegedly organizing a series of exhibition games in Vegas. No word on the afterparty yet, but I guarantee those tickets cost more than the game.

3. Groupie Love

Rob Gronkowski's favorite porn star got on the radio recently to give the world her own career updates. She won the Dan Uggla Invitational and the Married Athletes Classic. Guys, I know she's a porn star, but at least find a pretty one.

5. Black Friday

Every holiday season, Jordan Brand reissues sneakers from 15-20 years ago at outrageous prices. This year is no different, but I'm paying attention now. My favorite Mikes ever, the 3s, are dropping on Black Friday. Can you say graduation gift, Mom?

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