Zumba is taking a backseat to this new fitness trend.

Whether you are looking for a hot new urban-training technique that can prepare you for your latest intense competition or just want to have a little more fun with your exercise routines, trapeze training can be for you.

Trapeze training offers a variety of different workouts for all levels. If you are brand new to exercise or even if you have been on a trapeze before, you can benefit from these classes.

More and more people, aside from circus performers and gymnasts, are beginning to take part in a ton of outdoor trapeze training activities. But even some of the best performers leave their trapeze workouts feeling sore.

Zumba, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and all of those other fad exercise classes are mainly about focusing on your lower body. While that is great, most don't pay enough attention to your core and upper body.

Trapeze training exercises really focus on these parts of the body. A strong core is essential for some of the more advanced trapeze exercises but with proper practice, you will develop an extremely strong core, giving you the option to go a bit more advanced.

Although the core and upper body are the main focus of this type of training, your back, glutes and thighs are activated constantly. This is one reason trapeze training is such a great workout. It focuses on multiple muscle groups at the same time. This gives you a great calorie burn and a total body workout in a short amount of time.

Mental Training:

Aside from the physical aspect of trapeze training, you will also give your brain a good workout. Exercise is just as mental as it is physical. A lot of the exercises and movements done require coordination and focus.

You will be climbing, twisting, and jumping and although that takes physical strength, your mind is what tells you to do these movements. Technique is everything during trapeze training. Having your brain focus on the task at hand is great for your mental health.

One more upside to trapeze training is facing your fears. This may not apply to everyone but a lot of people are nervous to trying new exercises, especially ones that require you flying through the air! Breaking out of your shell in any aspect of life is great for your physical and mental health. Put your fears aside and get yourself on that trapeze.

There are more than 100 trapeze training schools in the United States, including outdoor venues.

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