For video gamers and sports enthusiasts alike, there's always been a certain novelty in combining the legends of yesterday with the stars of today.

In recent years Barry Sanders and Michael Jordan have graced the cover of their sport's most popular game.

And now UFC gamers will have the opportunity to play as the man whom UFC president Dana White considers "the Father of MMA," Bruce Lee.

EA Sports and the UFC announced this week that the upcoming UFC video game will feature Lee for the first time.

"This is the natural progress of our relationship with the UFC," Shannon Lee, Bruce's daughter, told USA Today. "I was super excited about it because while video games are fantasy, there’s always a debate going back and forth about how would my father have done in the octagon. Now we get to have a little bit of fun and see."

Lee, who died in 1973, was a martial arts pioneer whose once "radical" training approach proved to be years ahead of its time.

"He knew that you had to have a little piece of everything to be a complete fighter," White told USA Today. "It was never really proven until 1993, when the first UFC happened. Everything Bruce Lee said and preached turned out to be true."

Shannon Lee discusses the partnership in the video below, which also includes a sneak peek at what her father's character will look like.