From an environmental perspective, the new uniforms for the U.S. women's national soccer team are cool because each is made from recycled polyester that came from 18 plastic bottles. From a promotional standpoint, the latest version is practical because it is the first time that the women's uniforms will be sold to the public in men's sizes.

At the unveiling of these kits, we caught up with Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and Tobin Heath for their thoughts about the fresh style as well as their preparation for the Women's World Cup that opens June 6 in Canada.

Nike's decision to opt for black and neon green rather than red, white and blue in the color scheme raised some eyebrows. But Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates countered by writing:

"Moves away from flag-related colors are really nothing new in the soccer world, even if that concept makes waves on these shores. Germany and Argentina have been rocking the look gloriously for years. ...

"A move away from the same old colors of the Star-Spangled Banner is a great move for U.S. Soccer at this point. It's no surprise that the women are leading the charge, per usual."

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