Every day is casual Friday for Andy Reid.

The Kansas City Chiefs coach, who may or may not own a suit, showed up to the NFL's annual meetings in Phoenix this week rocking shorts and a bright Hawaiian shirt.

See if you can pick him out from this photo:

Here's a better look at Reid's ensemble:

While almost all of his colleagues wore a nice shirt and pants, Reid went for comfortable with this outfit. And seeing as it was in the 80s and 90s in Arizona, Reid was probably the only one not sweating.

As one can imagine, Twitter users had a lot to say about Reid's clothes. Here's a sampling:

Reid, 57, wasn't the only one to go casual for the coaches' meetings. Bill Belichick, whose scowl and hoodies have made him something of an NFL fashion icon, wore sandals for the day. Belichick looks like he might have just gotten back from a Costa Rican vacation with Tom Brady and his family.

You can see Belichick below, seated second from right.

Reid is entering his third season as coach of the Chiefs. He's gone 20-12 in Kansas City, finishing second in the AFC West both seasons.

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