While the soon-to-be millionaires at the NFL Draft paraded through New York wearing fancy suits, halfway across the country the coach of the team picking first went the opposite direction with his attire.

Andy Reid, the new head man of the Kansas City Chiefs, was shown on Thursday night sitting in the team's war room in what can be best described as a casual shirt. Amidst a sea of executives wearing suits, Reid donned his trademark Hawaiian shirt.

The 55-year-old Reid, who was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles in December after 14 seasons, is to Hawaiian shirts what Bill Belichick is to the hoodie. He wears them often, whether it's appropriate or not.

So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised to see Reid in a Hawaiian shirt on the night where his team has the top overall pick in the draft. But it's still somewhat jarring amidst all the suits to see a brightly colored, short sleeve shirt.

Kudos to Reid, though, for not caving under the pressure of expectations. The man clearly does not care what other people think, and for that we applaud him.