There is a legend that former Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson didn't like carrying around luggage on road trips, so he would buy a new suit in each city his team visited.

As you can imagine, that practice got very expensive and was perhaps a sad harbinger of Iverson's current money woes.

It turns out that another superstar point guard also likes to travel light, but he at least keeps his expenses to a minimum.

In an interview with GQ, Kyrie Irving said that instead of doing laundry, before each road trip he'll simply buy new underwear. Sounds like a waste, but for a guy making about $5.4 million this year, his underwear is probably the least of his worries.

Perhaps Irving was inspired by George Costanza:

His underwear approach is not Irving's only interesting fashion practice. The second-year guard told GQ that when he travels he'll put his suitcase together on the fly, without regard to whether his outfits match.

"I take everything from the dry cleaner and just throw it in there," Irving said. "I don't even know if it matches or anything like that, I just throw in shoes and my dry cleaning."

Luckily for Cavaliers fans, Irving's court sense seems to trump his fashion sense.