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LeBron James

As Cleveland braces for LeBron James to potentially leave the city for the second time, one company is providing fans with relief. Like, physical relief.

If King James does indeed leave the Cavaliers, TUMS, the antacid brand, will be at Cleveland's first home game next season to provide fans with free products. Fans suffering from heartburn due to LeBron withdrawal will be treated.

"Hey Cleveland, is the basketball free agency mania triggering heartburn?" TUMS Brand Manager Victoria Saccol asks in a statement. "TUMS feels your pain and will deliver free TUMS at the first home game of next season if your star decides to take his talents to another team. TUMS may not be able to convince him to stay in The Land, but at least we can provide heartburn relief for fans who need it."

Although TUMS does not mention James by name, it is pretty clear who the brand is talking about. It's definitely not Kyrie Irving.

The stress of free agency has clearly begun.

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