Not much remains in South Bend from Charlie Weis' troubled tenure as Notre Dame head coach. But there is one tradition that carries on.

For the fourth straight bowl game, Notre Dame's players will have their names on the back of their uniforms for the postseason. This harkens back to a tradition started by legendary coach Ara Parseghian in the 1960s and early 1970s, when players did not wear names on their jerseys during the regular season but had them stitched on for bowl games.

Lou Holtz ended the tradition temporarily in 1987, and for two decades the Fighting Irish kept the back of their jerseys empty in the postseason. Weis revived the custom for the 2008 Hawai'i Bowl.

Ryan Grooms, Notre Dame's equipment manager, tweeted a photo Monday of the new uniforms.

Notre Dame has donned some pretty wacky digs this year, so maybe traditionalists can rest easy knowing that the school isn't trying to reinvent the wheel with their bowl jerseys.

The Fighting Irish are 2-1 since bringing player names back after the 2008 season. Notre Dame beat Hawai'i in the 2008 Hawai'i Bowl and Miami in the 2010 Sun Bowl. The Fighting Irish lost to Florida State last year in the Champs Sports Bowl.

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