Had Jeff Fisher not been presented with a few coaching opportunities this offseason, perhaps a future in acting was in the cards. OK, maybe that's stretching it a bit. After all, Fisher is known as being pretty straight-laced, composed and professional when he's sporting a headset or a whistle. If you were picking villains out of a cast of NFL coaches, you could easily have deferred to someone like Bill Belichick or Rex Ryan, who have become caricatures of sorts because of their reputations and records.

Fisher, try as he might, seems pretty normal. But then again, he comes across as a pretty slick villain in the latest music video for southern rockers Goodbye June. The tune is "Microscope," and it's not a bad soundtrack to an intense chase and shoot 'em up scene. Maybe you're still skeptical of Fisher's abilities, but people also didn't think Heath Ledger would be a good Joker.

Take a look.

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Sure, that performance isn't on par with any of the great movie villains of all-time or anything, but you have to give Fisher credit, right? It's already a more impressive acting job than Shaq in 'Kazaam,' but still slightly behind Michael Jordan in 'Space Jam.'

Wait, is Fisher still holding the shotgun? Oh, well in that case, we've never seen a better acting job. Best music video of the year.

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