I'll never forget my first. My first pair of Adidas Sambas, that is. I was in ninth grade, and they were white with black stripes. I would put them on the second my school uniform shoes came off.

When it comes to athletic shoes, the Adidas Samba is the quintessential "oldie but goodie." Kids, men and women can all wear Sambas anywhere in the world and somehow look cool. About 35 million of them have sold worldwide. Sure, Sambas emerged in 1950 to give soccer players traction on icy ground during practice. But with their versatile, minimalist design and eye-catching stripes, they became a casual shoe icon. Now, the Samba is making new moves -- on the golf course.

According to Global Golf Post, on March 1, Adidas is launching its first ever line of Sambas for golfers. They'll have that same gum sole, low-top silhouette and of course, the three stripes. For about $100 a pair, you can choose from black with white stripes, white with black stripes, and royal blue with white stripes. Red ones are slated to make their debut in May.

The Samba Golf is said to be lightweight, durable and water-resistant, but most of all, a new classic that can add a welcome add a necessary edge to the typically conservative golfer style.

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