Mike Brown is having a hard enough time making Lakers fans forget about Phil Jackson; he sure didn't need the fashion police coming down on him.

Brown, clearly not grasping the long, bitter rivalry between the Boston Celtics and his new employer, made a puzzling fashion decision involving a certain wardrobe accessory.

"I have a green sweater vest, but I can't wear the green sweater vest even though it says Lakers," Brown told the Los Angeles Times. "We have a history with Boston."

While admitting his wardrobe malfunction was called into question by someone in the Lakers organization after he wore the vest to the team's practice facility, Brown chose not to gossip on which team employee gave him the third degree over his appearance.

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers franchise have won 16 titles going back to the days of Minnesota. The Paul Pierce led Celtics enjoy an NBA high 17 titles over the years going back to Bill Russell.

The heyday of the rivalry -- and some say the heyday of the sport of basketball -- came during the '80s, when the green-clad Larry Bird went up against Magic Johnson in a series of epic Finals battles.

Where was Mike Brown in the '80s? Well, perhaps he was playing Dungeons & Dragons. Earlier this season it was revealed that the coach has a passion for the game, and still spends time playing it with his 14-year-old son.

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