On Anna Kournikova’s website, under “Ask Anna,” she answers a question about planning outfits: “I don't spend a really long time picking out outfits. I just grab what fits and is comfortable.”

I wonder if Enrique Inglesias uses the same tactic for selecting the various ladies he makes out with during his concerts. How can Anna’s man go onstage, bring up chicks, and make out with them in front of thousands of people? Is it not enough that Anna K. has to deal with being a fashion icon and part-time tennis hottie to please her own fan base?

The power couple has to either laugh or fight about the makeout sessions Enrique includes in his shows. Can E! give these lovebirds a reality show so we can get to the bottom of this already?! We want to laugh along with you, Anna K., but Enrique’s sporting some “accessories” that are bringing down your brand.