I grew up playing sports, taking jazz and tap, going to Blue Jays games in Toronto where I grew up, catching Leafs games in the evenings with Dad, and training for golf every day in bad outfits. I never understood why golfers had to dress like uncomfortable nerds. It’s still a struggle to find something to wear for nine holes and a few cocktails with the girls!

I currently live in Las Vegas and run a business called Play Golf Designs Inc., where I work with 24 fabulous female professional golfers and create unique events for charities and corporations.

Games are great, but the lifestyle of athletes fascinates me most. Athletes earn big homes, fast cars, VIP treatment and the greatest of temptations. StylePoints will give you a witty insight into who’s handling the good life best –- and worst. Who’s living it up? Who’s dumbing it down? Who’s driving what? Who’s wearing what? And how can we pick and choose from the most fashionable wardrobes on the planet?

StylePoints will be as sharp as the best NBA Draft night suit, and hopefully as entertaining as the best red carpet show. So step to the front of the ropeline, and let’s get caught looking.