Sporting events are must to attend with your BFF or significant other, but guys always wonder: why do we try on 50 outfits and still hesitate before stepping out the door to head over to the arena? Part of it is because we have to look our best sitting down. Part is because a stadium or arena doesn’t have a fashionable dress code. It’s hard to see and be seen when the cuisine is dogs on a stick and nachos. So we can’t vamp it up, but can’t be outdone by the rich and famous in the front row, either.

I have found it best to start with the shoes. I always looked to Beyonce for guidance; she always seems to compliment Jay-Z’s “Rocawear Jersey” slash “Mogul Rapper” look on the court sidelines. But I need more variety to pull from. As much as the skinny girl next to me can pull flats off with a babydoll dress and an oversize designer duffle, “Flats” are not an option. In fact, “Flats” were derived from the term “Not Flattering.”

Behold the solution for every sporting event: The Running Shoe Heel. It’s sporty and stylish combined. Check out Rihanna at the All-Star Game and Victoria Beckham throwing the first pitch at the Mets Game. Cute right? Though DO NOT go overboard with your partnering outfit, or you’ll look like “hot sporting mess” (see: Campbell, Naomi). Going overboard can destroy the “sport chic”, and make The Running Shoe Heel tacky and wasteful.

These running shoe heel types can be boots or shoes, it really depends on your style and how you envision rockin’ ‘em. (It also may depend on the weather.) This is also a great strategy to attend games with that special someone and show off to those other women in the arena suffering from “T-shirt trauma with bad Sketchers.” Give those struggling female sport attendees a smile across the arena, and encourage them to put in a little extra effort next time.