Kim Clijsters (minus-$16) vs. Arantxa Rus.

Yes, that's right, $16 as in a 16-dollar favorite. One can't ever lose at such an exorbitant price, can they?

Kim Clisters is a former world No. 1 who was expected to breeze through her second-round match at the French Open against little known Arantxa Rus. After all she had just won the previous U.S. Open and Australian Open en route to a current 15 consecutive major match victories. Things were going as planned as the Belgian took the first set 6-3 and led 5-2 in the second. Clisters then had two match points and was looking to get off the court and advance to the third round. But then something beyond crazy happened.

Rus saved the match points and won the game. But she still trailed 3-5 in the second set and would have to break the clearly superior Clisters in order to just get back on serve, still fully trailing by a whole set. Wouldn't you know it she did get the break to get within 4-5. Rus then had to save another match point just to even things up at 5-5. All of this up to this point alone was shocking and then to top it all off Rus actually won a fifth straight game and the second set 7-5. The huge underdog then cruised in the third 6-1.

The in-game odds midway through the second set were lottery winning type astronomical making this an absolutely miraculous underdog victory in the end.

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