Adam Jones
"We got the split. Now let's take the series mañana. Never easy against them damn Yankees. But it's never suppose to be easy"
How I See It: Who knew Adam Jones knew so much theater history?

Stephon Marbury
"David Stern Jim Dolan, Isaiah Thomas, Larry Brown, Mike Dantioni thank you for making me into the person I am today.- Jesus?U"
How I See It: Wait ... what? What just happened?

Brian Cushing
"Entourage is getting more and more disappointing every week"
How I See It: Pessimist. Take that attitude into Week 1, and another disappointing season in Houston will begin.

Alex Morgan
"Eto'o you're getting paid what??? wow"
How I See It: Yes, he's getting paid a little more than your average Western New York Flash teammate.

Novak Djokovic
"Look at this little fella :) always hungry! Haha"
How I See It: Not gonna lie, I thought this was going to be a picture of Andy Murray. It's not as mean as I thought.

Andy Murray
"This is what happens when you are stuck in a hotel room for 2 days......"
How I See It: He probably actually is pretty hungry ...

Kris Humphries
"I love being in the U.S"
How I See It: Oh, did you not enjoy your romantic honeymoon in Europe with Kim Kardashian? Poor baby.

Eric Wright
"Kanye was jealous of Chris Browns performance.. Lmao #ThatIsAll"
How I See It: And now Taylor Swift's jealous that he got to finish before Kanye stopped him.

Matt Duchene
"How much does Lady Gaga scare you? Let's hear it haha"
How I See It: Can you really be that afraid of a woman who travels in an egg?

Matt Moulson
"I've decided I'm going to get Lil Wayne's teeth #blingedoutgrill"
How I See It: Getting grills? Not the best decision for a hockey player.