Dan Henderson
"Here's a topless pic of me w/ @Rachelle_Leah from the @MMAthletics shoot http://twitpic.com/5q8vta"
How I See It: Kids, let this serve as a reminder of the power and responsibility that come with the use of grammar. Mr. Henderson came very close to describing a picture that certainly would have had his Twitter account suspended.

Nick Barnett
"Rainforest cafe baby it's going down!!"
How I See It: Sorry, Nick, but the only things that can ever go down at a Rainforest Cafe are one's self-esteem and/or youth.

Prince Amukamara
"Love it when people dress up for the Harry Potter Premieres! #teamhufflepuff"
How I See It: The hardest part of the whole ordeal is deciding who to dress up as, although that must be easy for Amukamara. #thehalfbloodPrince

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James Harrison
"This statement will be my only response to the Men's Journal article. http://fb.me/E1YJ8564"
How I See It: While it's nice to see Harrison explain himself, I was really hoping that his tirade would continue and eventually inspire "Horrible Bosses 2: NFL Edition," starring the linebacker and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Brian Westbrook
"Wii training has me sweating!! Where is my trainer at"
How I See It: Yea, I'm pretty sure this means Westbrook's football career is officially over.

Ryan Leaf
"When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?""
How I See It: Well, certainly not compared to your life, Ryan -- but that's a given.

Jose Bautista
"Just a sprain guys! Hope to wake up tomorrow and feel better!"
How I See It: That loud wooshing sound you are hearing is all of Toronto finally exhaling. In a minute, expect to hear some rumbling created by the groans of every Blue Jays fan who once again remembers that the team will never make the playoffs playing in the AL East.