Plaxico Burress
"By the way, I'm addicted to Garretts Popcorn! The Chicago mix cheddar and caramel! Unreal!!"
How I See It: I suppose it's the little things you appreciate when you finally get out of the slammer.

Nick Barnett
"#no1likesubecause you come to the tailgater and don't bring anything!!!!"
How I See It: It looks like Barnett learned several hard lessons during his first year of tailgating after going on IR.

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Gerald McCoy
"Dang James "Whitey" Bulger just got caught last night. Bulger is Jack Nicholson character in the Departed. I didn't know it was a true story"
How I See It: #duh. Now it should make sense why Bulger was spotted exiting a showing of the film in San Diego when it was released.

George Hill
"Very emotional moment right now!!! But just want to Thank Everyone for all the Support. SA has been great to me and will never forget it!!"
How I See It: Wow, I've never seen someone so graciously handle the news that they are being dragged back to Indiana. #toughluck

Jeff Capel
"Ron Artest has legally changing his name to Metta World Peace!!!! Most exciting news of the night thus far!!!"
How I See It: If only World B. Free had a Twitter account to comment on this news ...

DeJuan Blair
How I See It: It's all right. We'll give you a couple minutes to learn how to pronounce and spell the names of your new teammates from Latvia, Slovenia and Hungary. And don't worry, you'll get used to all these international names if you stay with the Spurs long enough.

Maurice Jones-Drew
"Damn I wish they would have stayed we would be crazy!! #gobruins!!!!!"
How I See It: This coming from a man who left UCLA after his junior year. Now you know how the football fans must have felt when you left.