Lance Armstrong
"Is it really already May?"
How I See It: Can you really not read a calendar?

Marshall Faulk
"Please don't tell me the heat can't close this one out."
How I See It: Yeah, they can finish games. It's not like you're watching the Knicks ...

Kenny Florian
"Definitely should have used my Net Jets gift credit I got for my bday last year. Mom got me a $9.38 gift card."
How I See It: So your Mom got you the gift card equivalent to the amount of extra change in her purse?

Kevin Durant
"Tough game, but we have to stay positive! Thanks for the inspiration!! Back to work tomorrow!"
How I See It: Those are a ton of exclamation points for a 13-point loss.

Jay Feely
"Rondo has 2 early fouls. They can't afford to lose him to foul trouble."
How I See It: Jay Feely: NFL kicker by day. NBA analyst by night.

Apolo Ohno
"Why is ray Allen the only guy on the court not sweating? #AnotherGeneticFreak #MakesItLookEasy #theNailNtheCoffin"
How I See It: Those are the most creative hashtags I’ve seen in quite some time #hashtagKING