Andrew Bynum
How I See It: Oh, don't worry. You definitely did. Have fun missing those five games next season.

Lamar Odom
"Who's watchin' #khloeandLamar CT?"
How I See It: Not Dirk Nowitzki.

Jason Terry
"Wanna thank all the MAV fams way to show the world who the best fans in the world are 8 to go ctc"
How I See It: Did they make all those threes go in? Stop being so humble.

Earvin Magic Johnson
"I'm still proud of the @Lakers. Thank you for 3 straight finals appearances and 2 championships. They will be back strong next season."
How I See It: You played for the Lakers, you do a lot business with them, you're a little biased. I'm fine with that. But really? You're "proud" of them?

Dirk Nowitzki
"I know I'm late. I was busy yesterday. Happy mothersday to all beautiful moms out there."
How I See It: Come on, Dirk. The score was 122-86. Would it have killed you to take one second out of your life to tweet this on Sunday?

Scottie Pippen
"Is it true Lakers is on suicide watch?"
How I See It: No, crime watch. Probation.

Blake Griffin
"Wow Jason Terry's interveiw was beyond funny. Did nobody else catch that?"
How I See It: Is that really what you're chuckling at? Or are you just amused by the changing of the guard in LA?

Greg Anthony
"did the Lakers get swept?"
How I See It: Fact.

Jason Kidd
"All you MFFLs have really brought the energy at the games. You keep us playing hard."
How I See It: And thanks for driving our opponents crazy.

Matt Barnes
"My little guys got their game cuts crackn ready for the mavs."
How I See It: Unfortunately, you weren't ready. Sasha Vujacic retains his title as the Lakers' best fourth-option off the bench in the past decade.