Rory McIlroy
"Flying to Malaysia with charl! Glad one of us has a green jacket on!!!"
How I See It: Speaking of awkward moments ...

Rajon Rondo
"Its going to be a very interesting series against NYK"
How I See It: But first, a very awkward regular-season finale.

Phil Hughes
"Gonna need many bolts updates wed night!"
How I See It: No. What you need is a moderately fast four-seamer.

Herculez Gomez
"Will be on my FB page answering Q's for the next 30.. join in on the fun, post a Q and I will A!"
How I See It: Is the president your cousin?

Michael Oher
"Wow never in a million years im shocked at this!"
How I See It: Isn't that the same pick-up truck you wrecked with S.J. in the car?

Jozy Altidore
"Red devils or Blues?"
How I See It: Ninety percent of Americans think you're confused about what Duke's mascot is.

Tiger Woods
"It was a great Masters, fun to get it going like that on the front. Congrats to Charl, heck of a way to win. Birdied last four holes."
How I See It: If Tiger had a Twitter last April, he may have tweeted something like this: @Phil Mickelson, congrats man! Whata shot from the pines. #USAALLTHE WAY. Or not.

David Ortiz
"Also, help me wish a happy birthday to my boy and our captain Jason Varitek, he's been a great teammate and a great friend all these years"
How I See It: We all know he's the captain. He's the only baseball player obnoxious enough to put a big fat C on his chest.

Tony Hawk
"If you stumbled upon Rebecca Black & considered making fun of her song/video, consider this: (via @johnedale)"
How I See It: There's no way The Beatles fought over where to sit in the car. I'm 99 percent certain Paul and John sat in the front with George and Ringo in the back. But I see your point.

Earvin Magic Johnson
"OKC, Durant, and Westbrook are for real and could prove problematic for the Lakers in the playoffs if they aren't playing their best ball."
How I See It: No way, man. Not one person in the entire country is thinking the same thing.