Darrelle Revis
"Road trip is almost over"

How I See It: Can't wait! Shoot, forgot that's was trademarked. Don't tell Bart!

Alexander Ovechkin
"We going home!can't wait....dc the best!"

How I See It: If Bart sees this page, we're doomed.

Jozy Altidore

How I See It: No goals in last summer's World Cup ... smh

Carmelo Anthony
"A note to my Denver fans... http://fb.me/TfXa3adt"

How I See It: ... and in conclusion, playing in front of New York fans is much more fun.

Dwyane Wade
"Alright Alright Alright @KevinHart4real is THE funniest person on earth right now..great show homie.."

How I See It: Tears of laughter? Good cover-up.

LeBron James
"No matter how many times i fail, I'll always be ready for the next opportunity"

How I See It: Exactly. So pucker up and suck it up.

Curtis Granderson
"on my way back from ESPN The Weekend. Had fun with Joba & Mo on @ESPN_BBTN . Video to come! #QuestFor28 http://twitpic.com/46y5eq"
How I See It: Please tell me Joba didn't sit in the front on Space Mountain.

Tim Tebow
"Nothing like quoting John Denver when you're heading back to Denver... Had a great time this weekend but it's time to get back to work GB²"
How I See It: It took 23 years, but Tim Tebow finally quoted someone other than God.

Jeremy Shockey
How I See It: Note to Jeremy Shockey: You just signed with the Panthers. Even Charlie Sheen's laughing right now.

Lindsay Davenport
"Yep! We are here and one of the few Ducks fans. RT @reallisa: When did Anaheim turn into Vancouver? Van fans bringing the noise."

How I See It: Since nobody cares about hockey in Southern California and everyone's crazy about it in Canada.