Jennie Finch
"#March Madness is Madness!"
How I See It: #hashtagfail

Wesley Woodyard
"If your newborn is 3wks old they dont need a Facebook Profile and dont friend request me! im not tryin to talk bout Gerber's new formula"
How I See It: They are on a sister site called Fetusbook … get with the times.

Eric Berry
"They say I'm kuntry....I tell em thank you."
How I See It: Can they not spell properly in the south or something?

Kyle Turris
"march madness is crazy this year. Hoping VCU wins it all!"
How I See It: The Final Four is set and there is not a single one or two seed remaining. #wow.

Kevin Harvick
"Well that was fun! Nothing beats winning!"
How I See It: Tell that one to Charlie Sheen.

Adam Rippon
"There is just something about having a cold that transforms me into a 21 year old man-baby."
How I See It: Check out this site.