Sean Smith
"Lol not really sure what kind of diet but I gotta stay away from the $1 menu!!!"

How I See It: How about the “no fast food” diet?

Arian Foster
"I prefer loofas over rags"

How I See It: Good to know, thanks.

Vince Young
"Wonder if yall down for this bowling today."

How I See It: Since the NFL career isn’t looking to good right now for you, the PBA may be your second calling.

Magic Johnson
"Will 2 stars from the Knicsk beat 3 stars from Miami?????"

How I See It: Three stars -- don’t be dissing Chauncey!

Greg Anthony
"#Oscar's will do well in nyc tonight...But not as well as the #Knicks!!!"

How I See It: Hopefully Melo will win best picture, not LeBron.

Zab Judah
"We At the greatest show on earth!!!"

How I See It: I love the circus!

Jessica Gysin
"Hmm wonder why @RyanSeacrest is standing on a platform for red carpet Oscar interviews #tooshort"

How I See It: It’s either a platform or high heel tuxedo shoes. Let the man be short in peace.